How to Use VRML

The three-dimensional visualization is indispensable in order to understand three-dimensional simulation results such as the earth's magnetosphere better. By the appearance of the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) which is the international and standard language for the internet's three-dimensional visualization, it would be possible to watch the three-dimensional image as VRML file by the VRML viewer, even if people does not have three-dimensional image processing machinery a nd three-dimensional image processing software. It is shown the method of how to make VRML file by fortran and example and interface subroutine package of making for the VRML contents preparation.

Japanese version is here.

1.Fundamental example (1)

No. Contents Fortran Program VRML file gif file

Subroutine package pk1subrtn.f

1 Cube box1.f box1.wrl box1.gif
2 Rectangular parallelepiped box2.f box2.wrl box2.gif
3 Trigonal pyramid cone1.f cone1.wrl cone1.gif
4 Column cylinder1.f cylinder1.wrl cylinder1.gif
5 Sphere sphere1.f sphere1.wrl sphere1.gif
6 Background color backgrd4.f backgrd4.wrl backgrd4.gif
7 Character string text1.f text1.wrl text1.gif
8 Polygonal line : monochrome lineset1.f lineset1.wrl lineset1.gif
9 Polygonal line : gradation lineset2.f lineset2.wrl lineset2.gif
10 Dotted line : monochrome pointset1.f pointset1.wrl pointset1.gif
11 Dotted line : gradation pointset2.f pointset2.wrl pointset2.gif
12 Arrow with the thickness arrow2.f arrow2.wrl arrow2.gif
13 Curve with the thickness linemesh1.f linemesh1.wrl linemesh1.gif
14 Plane (1) : Monochromatic triangular mesh mesh1.f mesh1.wrl mesh1.gif
15 Plane (2) : Triangular belt triangb1.f triangb1.wrl triangb1.gif
16 Plane (3) : Polychrome triangular mesh triangm1.f triangm1.wrl triangm1.gif
17 Solid : It is composed of the triangular mesh defusem1.f defusem1.wrl defusem1.gif
18 Texture mapping image1.f image1.wrl image1.gif
19 The complicated curved surface : Triangular mesh ebmesh3d.f ebmesh3d.wrl ebmesh3d.gif

2.Fundamental example (2)

No. Contents Fortran Program VRML file gif file jpg file rgb file

Subroutine package

1 Character msymbol.f msymbol.wrl msymbol.gif

2 Point mpoint.f mpoint.wrl mpoint.gif

3 Line mline.f mline.wrl mline.gif

4 Triangular mesh mtriangm.f mtriangm.wrl mtriangm.gif mtriangm.jpg mtriangm.rgb
5 Pixel image mzpt03.f mzpt03.wrl mzpt03.gif mzpt03.jpg mzpt03.rgb
6 Frame and pixel image and character mpixe015.f mpixe015.wrl mpixe015.gif mpixe015.jpg mpixe015.rgb
7 Equivalence plane mcube301.f mcube301.wrl mcube301.gif mcube301.jpg mcube301.rgb
8 Outer magnetosphere by three-dimensional lattice outline3d.f outline3d.wrl outline3d.gif outline3d.jpg
9 Inner magnetosphere by three-dimensional lattice inline3d.f inline3d.wrl inline3d.gif inline3d.jpg
10 Ionosphere by three-dimensional lattice denine3d.f denline3d.wrl denline3d.gif denline3d.jpg

3.Application to the MHD simulation

No. Contents Fortran Program VRML file gif file

Subroutine package zvrsuba.f

1 Sectional views such as plasma temperature of the earth's magnetosphere are drew by the pixel image zvrcroa.f zvrcroa.wrl zvrcroa.gif
2 Three-dimensional structure of the earth's magnetosphere zvrmaga.f zvrmaga.wrl zvrmaga.gif
3 The synthesis of the three-dimensional image of pixel image and line of magnetic force
zvr01.wrl zvr01.gif

Subroutine package zvrsuba.f

4 Three dimensional distribution of the plasma temperature in the whole earth's magnetosphere drawn by the multiple pixel image planes zvrmpxa.f fa410zx.wrl