SPACE-W (Space Weather International Collaborative Research)
Database in Japan

Observation (SPACEW-J-OB0040)

Version 1.0 March 2004

(CAWSES database in Japan)

Data of the Imaging Riometer for Ionospheric Studies (IRIS)
(IRIS) 2003-11


 The Imaging Riometer for Ionospheric Studies (IRIS) was developed at Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, in order to study the electrodynamics of particle precipitation into the polar cusp/cap ionosphere. The IRIS system observe cosmic radio noise (CRN) by two-dimensional 8 x 8 narrow-beams. Ionospheric absorption is obtained by subtraction between decreased CRN due to radio noise absorption and background CRN (quiet day curve, QDC). In this CD-ROM, 24-h plots of two-dimensional 2 x 8 absorption data from orthogonal beams centered at N4E7 beam are available.

 For data use, insert the CD-ROM to a PC with Windows 95/98/2000/XP.

 Please contact the Principal Investigators, M. Nishino or T. Ogawa before using these data for any publications and/or presentations. The IRIS has been developed in collaboration with Y. Katoh, M. Satoh of the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University, H. Yamagishi, National Institute of Polar Research, and J.A. Holtet, University of Oslo .

 Please note that the data are just browsing purpose.                      


  The IRIS observations at Ny Ålesund are carried out by the incessant support of Norwegian Polar Institute since 1991, to which we greatly acknowledge.  I would like to acknowledge T. Oguti, Y. Tanaka, retired scientists of STEL and A. Egeland, University of Oslo for encouragements of the IRIS observations. I acknowledge H. Yamagishi, National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), P. Stauning, Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) for helpful discussions of the IRIS system, and T. Ogawa and T. Ogino, STEL for the support of database processing. Finally, thanks are due to Mr/Mrs Ikegami, Moshiri Observatory, STEL for the work of database processing. Support for the production of SPACE-W Database was provided by grants in aid from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS).

Contact Address:

  Dr. Masanori Nishino and Professor Tadahiko Ogawa

  Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory,
  Nagoya University

  3-13, Honohara, Toyokawa, Aichi, 442-8507, Japan

  TEL: +81-533-89-5167   FAX: +81-533-89-1539

  E-mail: nishino[AT]