Computer Simulation of Magnetosphere: Programs and Examples

Interaction of the solar wind with the earth's magnetosphere has been studied by using a 3-dimensional global MHD model.

What's computer simulation?
Magnetosphere (Global): Database Site

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3-Dimensional MHD Codes and Graphic Programs

Program and Example
Text of Simulation School

MPI (Message Passing Interface)

Program and Example

HPF (High Performance Fortran)

Program and Example

Three Dimensional Global Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Simulation

Demonstration of MHD simulation results and articles on MHD simulation

Acknowledgments: Support for the production of CAWSES SPACE-W Database was provided by Grants-in-Aid from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), "CAWSES Space Weather International Collaborative Research Database in Japan", and Grant-in-Aid from Japan Society for the Promotion Science (JSPS), (A)(1) "Study of Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Dynamics Using Common Parallel Computation Codes in MHD and Particle Simulation". Computing support was provided by the Information Technology Center of Nagoya University.